Helping organisations and people by providing powerful, innovative, affordable and dependable software tools

Our Mission

iFidelis is in the business of producing solutions that increase productivity, reduce risk and lower running costs for the people and organisations that use them.

We believe that great ideas are only any good if they are available, effective, simple to use and manage, and are so affordable that the power they deliver is all benefit at very little (or no) cost.




4 Things We Know to be True

If something works really well first time, every time

most organisations and people will want to use it

If something is simple and easy to learn

most organisations and people will want to use it

If something is inexpensive or free

most organisations and people can afford to use it - or can’t afford not to use it

If something is intuitive and logical

most organisations and people will find it easy to use

Everything we create is founded in these principles

Who We Are

iFidelis is a privately owned software and systems development company founded and based in Australia.
All of our directors and staff come from backgrounds in organisations spanning the following sectors :

  • Defence
  • Human resource services
  • Engineering
  • Construction
  • Aerospace
  • Information technology
  • Finance and insurance
  • Management consulting
  • Logistics services and support
  • Health care and health services
  • Transportation systems and infrastructure

We believe ALL organisations should have access to powerful, effective, responsible and game changing technologies - especially the small ones

That’s why we strive to deliver all our systems at very little (or no) cost so that everyone can afford to use them.

Whilst our systems are ideal for use in large complex organisations, we have developed them with small-to-medium companies in mind as we believe that all organisations should have access to powerful, effective, responsible and ‘game changing’ technologies.

At iFidelis, we choose to develop systems and tools that provide immediate and ongoing benefit to our users: regardless of their size, location or industry

What we do

Fidelis - Latin for faithful and reliable

Fidelis represents the deepest aspirations of our organisation – to encourage and advance reliability, integrity and trust in the professional lives of those people and organisations we deal with.

The name iFidelis reflects our commitment to developing intelligent and dependable systems and products that reliably and faithfully:

  • Improve risk and governance profiles by reducing errors related to human and system errors and poor communication
  • Support performance and cost management through communication, planning, productivity and performance
  • Enable the people and organisations we deal with to achieve their ambitions for complete engagement, compliance, correctness, consistency and efficiency

Where We Do It

The iFidelis systems are available globally, and designed to accommodate differences in cultural, legal, statutory and industrial standards across the world:

  • Good governance, efficiency, effectiveness, transparency and engagement are sans frontiers
  • The same organisation can use the same system locally-to-globally and people can move through our systems seamlessly.

Our current customers include small and medium organisations in the health care and health services, labour hire, child care and construction sectors.

Our background support systems are globalised to ensure speed, availability and inbuilt redundancy.

We follow Australian business and governance practices because of Australia's world-class education system, economic foundations, robust entrepreneurship and opportunity, effective and accountable governance, and the rule of law.

Sources: 2012 Legatum Prosperity Index and Transparency International.